Weeks of dieting and exercising yet bulges persist? Not all bulges are about being overweight.

The cause of many bulges is not being overweight but a consequence of poor posture exaggerating unwanted curves. Postural bulges are hard to shift with diet or exercise unless the exercises are specifically targeted to correct posture. With postural correction exercises, waist and buttock measurements can decrease even without weight loss! When starting on a weight loss programme, whether by diet, exercise or both you should first correct any postural abnormalities. Only if posture is first perfected, will weight loss produce the desired effect. To improve posture we need a combination of stretching and strengthening exercises.

Why not try our Stretch Classes? The classes take just one hour and are very low impact. The improvements felt after just a few sessions are very obvious resulting in much better posture, more freedom of movement and lessening of pain.

Stretching is beneficial because it:

  • Prevents muscle tightness
  • Takes pressure off certain structures (joints and ligaments, nerves and other muscles)
  • Corrects posture
  • Improves circulation
  • Relieves cramping
  • Is a form of relaxation
  • Improves sleep

Stretching is the most underrated form of exercise yet it gives the greatest gains and relief. It is only after tight muscles have been stretched out that the opposing weak muscles can be properly strengthened. See what stretching can do for you!

These photos are indicative of common posture problems causing headaches, neck and back pain.

Poor posture in office workers is usually indicated by a forward slump with shoulders rounded to the forward position. Because the neck muscles in the front of the neck are not used to support the head as much, they shorten and pull the neck forward and down. Then the muscles at the back of the neck have to support the weight of the head and are constantly under tension resulting in neck pain and headaches.

This image shows how weak back muscles allow the shoulder blades to be exposed. Normally the blades should be flat against your back when under tension. Weak back muscles contribute to poor posture and cause headaches.

Angela demonstrates correct posture and strengthening exercises.

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