Children are particularly susceptible to sustaining injuries and developing poor posture during their growing years.

The demands on their growing body, strenuous sport, heavy bags and a lot of time spent in front of computers, game consoles and television all contribute to the potential for long-term posture problems and permanent injury.

NorWest Central Physiotherapy has identified the conditions that lead to these problems and has programs in place so that your children do not have to suffer as they grow. Twisted ankles, shoulder strains, shin splints and more can all be reduced with our treatments, and by using our Biomechanical expertise, we can also help your child achieve greater performance in their chosen sport.

This boy is 13 and suffers from knee and ankle pain. He is of solid build and loves his sport, particularly soccer, and could be considered a "serious" sportsperson. The pain he is suffering is a result of his body's inability to manage the volume of sport he plays and his physical development at the same time.

What we are doing for him is providing pain management combined with boosting his muscle strength and flexibility, and adjusting his walking/running patterns to minimise injury. We are also putting him through a course of Biomechanics to maximise his motor potential.

The early recognition and treatment of ailments such as Osgoodschlatters disease - a disease suffered primarily by adolescence and teenage boys who play sports such as soccer, gymnastics, basketball and distance running - is essential for the long-term enjoyment of their activities. While this particular disease often self-rectifies as the child gets older, sometimes the recovery period is so long that the child will effectively "give up" the sport due to the ongoing pain. You can't assume that they will get better by themselves. What Norwest Central Physiotherapy can do is help reduce the incidence of pain while allowing your child to continue playing and enjoying their chosen sport.

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For those students that spend long hours in front of the computer studying, we can offer muscle relaxation techniques to reduce the strain on their neck and promote good posture at the same time.

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