More time off the field than on? Losing your hard-earned fitness? Performance suffering? Stop injuries in their tracks!

When you work your body hard your muscles tighten up, lose their elasticity and become more prone to injury. When you are stuck in a motionless position (behind a keyboard all day) your muscles will cramp and your posture will suffer causing muscular strain and pain.

We treat all types of musculoskeletal injuries and illnesses for private patients, doctors referrals and workers compensation using combinations of deep tissue massage, remedial massage, electrotherapy, exercise and heat application. Our programs incorporate a holistic approach of regimes utilizing both conventional as well as alternative methods (acupuncture, cupping) which have proven to be highly successful in achieving excellent results.

You can... run faster... feel less tired... have less injuries... experience less muscle soreness.

Our programs are highly successful and lead to rapid recovery and are suitable for:

Sporting Injuries
Work related injuries
Motor vehicle accidents
Posture problems
Back and neck pain
Shin Splints
Overuse injuries
Flat feet
Heel Spurs
Kids growing pains

Our treatments include:

Deep tissue massage
Acupuncture and electrotherapy
Exercise prescription and rehabilitation
Mouldable orthotics
Biomechanical analysis
Remedial massage