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Pilates is a form of exercise with emphasis on "core" stability. An unstable "centre" contributes to increased incidence of injuries. Focus is on developing pelvic and scapula stabilization through strengthening of abdominal and shoulder girdle muscles.

The technique revolves around a series of exercises performed on specific aparatus (Reformer and Trap table) in a slow and controlled manner. This builds a coordinated, efficient strength unlike traditional weights and isokinetics that concentrate on single areas. The majority of muscle activity is at less than maximum power and it is the control at such sub maximal levels that is the hallmark of Pilates work. You can strengthen muscles. lose weight and prevent injuries without working up a sweat!

Who will benefit?

Everyone! - from ballet dancers; children; those with work related or sporting injuries; back problems; pre and post natal; post surgery; postural problems and the eldery.